JOAN VISKANT - vocals.
MIKE HENRY - trumpet
SIMON ALLEN - saxophone
MICK BISHOP - piano and keyboards
ALEC DANKWORTH - double bass
CLARK TRACEY - drums and percussion

  1. Madeleine Rooms (2.51)
  2. Cool Green (3.28)
  3. Beautiful Love (3.36)
  4. Lullaby of the Rain (3.59)
  5. Serendipity (3.39)
  6. If I Loved You (5.04)
  7. Sweet and Slow (3.45)
  8. I Spy (4.46)
  9. Conscious Stream (3.26)
  10. If Only Love (3.38)
  11. Sensa Fine (3.49)
  12. Move Towards the Light (6.13)

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Arrangements and production by Clark Tracey
Backing vocals : Winston Clifford, Sylvia Tracey
String Quartet : Ben Lee, Rustom Pomeroy, Sarah Chapman, Ben Trigg
6 original compositions by Joan Viskant and Mick Bishop

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